kaĝo- or koĝo-, -ā-

kaĝo- or koĝo-, -ā-
    kaĝo- or koĝo-, -ā-
    English meaning: goat
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “Ziege”
    Note: only Slav. and Gmc.
    Material: O.Bulg. koza “goat”, kozъlъ “he-goat” (Ltv. kaza “goat” from dem Russ.), therefrom abgel. koža ‘skin” (*kozjü, originally “* goatskin “, as Church Slavic (j)azno ‘skin, leather”: Lith. ožỹ s “he-goat”); auf die meaning “(Ziegen)fell as Ü berwurf ” goes probably also Goth. hakuls “mantle”, O.Ice. hǫkoll ds. (fem. hekla “mantle with cowl “), O.E. hacele, O.Fris. hezil (*hakil), O.H.G. hachul m. ds. back; with lengthened grade probably O.E. hēcen, M.L.G. hōken, M.Du. hoekijn “young goat, kid” (*hōkīna-). Meillet É t. 246 reminds an *aĝos “goat(nbock)” (above S. 6 f.) as “ rhyme word “, was for kaĝo- with a spräche. The geringe Verbreitung of words erklärt sich from the Menge with it in Wettbewerb stehender Ziegennamen, s. in addition Lidé n Arm. stem 13 f. Maybe Alb. kedhi, keci “yound goat, kid”.
    References: WP. I 336 f., Feist 238 f.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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